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- CIP "Isaac Albéniz". Cuenca (Spain) [Coordinator]
- San Domenico Savio San Greogrio di Catania (Italy).
- Fundacja "Rodzice Dzieciom" Warszawa (Poland).
- Collège Carnot Dijon (France).
- Zakladni skola T. G. Masaryka Mnichovice Mnichovice (Czech Republic).
- Schule an der Haveldüne Berlín (Alemania).
- Plevne ilkokulu Sincan (Turkey).

               We strongly believe in the European dimension of education. This course’ll be focused in CLIL methods, in order to include English in every school subject. The adquired knowledges will be into our School Educational Projects.

               We like to used the word “Contest” because it’s the thread of the project in which we’re going to sew all the school areas in a bilingual way. Students, from 10 to 14 years old, will propose, find and build questions and answers about all these topics: "Cultural Heritage, Music, Art, Nature and landscapes, Healthy Life and Sports, Children’s literature, Historical Figures and Events , Folklore, traditions, customs and gastronomy". They’ll investigate, share and learn about its country and the other European countries. Finally they´ll participate in the contest to show what they’ve learned and worked about.

               This project idea was born in Spain, where things have changed drastically concerning bilingual education since the introduction of the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan by the autonomous governments, such as in our region, Castilla La Mancha in 2014. Following its content-based approach, especially English, will take part of investigation and implementation of the Integrated Curriculum of languages must be carried out .CLIL provides effective opportunities for our pupils and teachers. The European Commission has decided the training of teachers in order to promote the teaching of non-linguistic subjects in foreign languages.

                 This project’ll be a “Challenge” for us because we’re commited to:
                                        - Develop greater understanding and respect between pupils, staff and parents, creating a deep impact, not only, in the partnership schools, but also in their environment, institutions and collaborators, enlarging its influence beyond school to local community . We’ll do this through the exploration of our different views of our world. We’ll explore our similarities and differences, within both aesthetic and Intellectual Knowledge Areas.
                                        - Develop basic skills in our students to improve Key Competences. We’ll do it through activities which are interesting and motivating for the children, helping them to understand what and how they’re learning. Activities that show different realities and include cultural and social aspects of their knowledge areas where ENGLISH language will be spoken.

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